Saturday, March 14, 2009

that's incredible!

In the last few days there has been a bunch of clicks on my blog and website, as well as new friends on Flickr. I just wanted to give a super big THANK YOU to the bloggers out there that enjoyed some of the things I made and posted about them. It's due to you that more people are able to find me. I don't think I'm the cat's pajamas or anything but it's certainly nice to be rewarded with praise and meet some nice people. I'm finding that laziness is a universal problem and I'm not the only one out there.

Here are a few of the blogs that mentioned Recovering Lazyholic. I encourage you to check them out. Click on the name to go to their site.

Daydream Lily
The Magenta Links
Draplin (thank you again!)
Hello Jupiter
Sooth Brush
Hot Child in the City
Cake, Cats, and Curiosity
The Projectivist
My Modern Metropolis

image cred [ Dying in Downey ]

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Kerri Lynne said...

i'm happy they noted you too, if not for daydream lily, i wouldn't have found yet another fantastic blog to sift through all day long! :)