Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It all started with the above photo. I was cruising Flickr and found that image by Polgaroid. I'm pretty sure it is my new favorite; can't you just imagine seeing a giant bull in the middle of nothing. Seeing other work by him/her(?) I am just as blown over. I want to be everywhere these photos take place. Please let me borrow your eyes.

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melissa said...

The bull is part of an advertisement campaign in Spain for a brand of sherry. When billboards were banned on Spanish roadways, the people protested the destruction of the billboards so they still stand, just without words.

erin said...

I think that is such a fantastic way to advertise. I'm sure it's something that folks in Spain couldn't care less about but I would love to see one in person. Thanks for the info!

polgaroid said...

thankyou for your support.

your blog looks great,
i'll check it.