Wednesday, September 8, 2010

deep bullshit

As I have mentioned, I have been updating my website. Well I'm almost done... finally. I wanted to take a quick break and share one of my newer projects. It's called Deep Bullshit... you know, Jack Handy meets 1st grader meets mopey teenager, or something like that.

I suppose it's another variation on a running theme... minimal illustrations matched with some sort of thought. This time however I wanted to go more abstract if possible. I can't seem to disconnect shapes from ideas and these posters are examples of the immediate imagery that pops in my head with each passing confession/declaration. Some are probably more straightforward than others. They're all intended to be dumbed-down design for thoughts that aren't as deep as they wish they were.


Here's a quick view of more. The rest can be seen on my site (click each thumbnail to view larger).



K.O. said...

You've really got something here! If you made a book I would buy it.

erin said...

thanks! you just committed to making a purchase... no take-backs. :)