Tuesday, September 7, 2010

recovery tokens

Well add this to the growing list of silly projects I've come up. I have made little recovery tokens. I wanted to be able to give folks something for their support, a reward and reminder for in essence opposing laziness.

Each token is a mini-mattress made from real mattresses. Yes, maybe gross, but I was going for the symbolism in tearing up the ultimate lazy crutch... the bed. The fabric is washed and encased in resin, and completed with a tag. So each token is one of a kind. It is then put in a handmade "pillow case", again made from re-purposed lazy materials -- real pillow cases. My sewing skills are about 2nd grade level, if that exists, so you'll have to pardon any crooked seams. Last, all tokens come with a mini-12 Step Guide.

These will be given to anyone that sponsors me, donating to my "making things fund". I think I will give these to anyone that makes a purchase from my shop, but if that happens I need to continue scouting out garbage bins across Austin. Doesn't that sound fun.

Below are some photos that should give you and idea what these baby beds look like.


Anonymous said...

Boy howdy, looks like a lot of work making those resin mattresses. Feeling lazy my own self. Fortunately my bed and pillow cases are intact.

Fern said...

these look snazzy.

Trivia said...

ahah nice :)

erin said...

thanks! they probably take more time to make than i should bother with, but i'm having with the project anyway.