Wednesday, January 21, 2009

biggie birthday

Today (actually yesterday... sorry delayed internet acknowledgment) is my other little man's birthday. Biggie Smalls, pretty much called Big/Biggie/BB, turns 3 years old. He's my bold, outgoing chunk trunks that loves to sleep on his back and to burrow. He got his name because he was the biggest of his litter and by breed is typically a smaller dog; Biggie Smalls seemed like a good fit.

He's also pimpin'. Needless to say he keeps his nose clean however and will not meet the same fate as his human namesake. Sidenote... he came this close to be named Victor. Don't ask me why but my brain was stuck on that name. I can't see it now. Love you my BB!

Biggie Smalls [ Hypnotize ]
Notorious Trailer [ Apple ]
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SKH said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Bigs!! Annie gets to go to a birthday party on Saturday. Some church friends are celebrating their German short-haired pointer's 3rd birthday with a party for him, and inviting all their dog friends. His name is Moses. They also have a very energetic chocolate Lab named Lazarus. Maybe you should "friend" him. Does Biggie have a Dogbook page?

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls!!

erin said...

nope, no Dogbook page. i think we've talked about what that is before but now i don't remember.

thank you both for the birthday wishes. biggie is in the midst of a post-birthday crash. he tried too hard to make it a notorious night. get it, get it. ewh.