Wednesday, January 21, 2009

seeing spots

For some reason I can't help but think these are the cutest things ever. They are glasses that come with "freckles"... which are really little rubies affixed to the glass. I'm not sure I could ever wear them but I also can't deny that they would make me pretty happy on one of those bored nights that I play dress up by myself. Did I just say too much?

[ Kiel Mead via A Cup of Jo ]


JessRice said...

Haha! When I was in Boston, I went to my friend Hilken's store and she had tons of cute frames there... but none with freckles. I love.

SKH said...

Your comment about playing dress up by yourself made me laugh. Out loud. In public.

Fern said...

Haha! These are surprisingly cute and endearing. I just can't imagine wearing these into the office though..