Saturday, August 2, 2008

big peacock and repetitive interests

(photo by Luke Stephenson)

Lately I have been gravitating towards all things peacock. I'm pretty sure it's mainly due to the vibrant shade of blue/green (does another reason exist?), which is one of my favorite colors. I want peacock colored shirts; I've been looking for a peacock-esque background; I could use some peacock inspired costume jewelry. It's bordering on obsession, mainly because I'm using better judgment and refraining from splurges and that makes the want greater. I am awful... such a relentless wanter.

Switching gears from my incessant fixations, Luke Stephenson has a bunch of strange Big Shot (that camera I have yet to make friends with) pictures on his Flickr profile. I am a complete dope and didn't even realize that I had written about his photography before, until this very moment. My admiration has tunnel vision I suppose. So if you've looked already, look again. Maybe you'll be like me and see something new.

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