Friday, August 15, 2008

if a cowboy falls in the woods

What a difference a few decades and an ocean make. The first image above is part of a new ad campaign in France for Wrangler jeans. Based on some internet reading I guess there aren't many fans of the direction this campaign has taken, citing that it's exploitive, demeaning and glamorizes murder (more here to get a better idea). OK, sure, I see that, I suppose. I don't generally get bent out of shape when it comes to advertising though. It's advertising... in most cases it's dumb (slick, soulless, manipulative, and based on the main assumption humans need to be told what they want), and when it does actually prompt you to buy something, well then they've done their job and we're the dopes. Maybe there is something wrong with me for not getting riled up; maybe my heart is black for not caring about the fragility and vulnerability of mankind when it comes to the threat of denim pushers of the world.

My reaction is better described as befuddled. When I think Wrangler I don't think tall dirty models emoting in European woods. Wrangler... wrangle... cowboy... even kitsch. They're high waisted, ill fitting, often ironed, classic Texas jeans. And that's it. Thoughts finished.

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Stephen said...

Useless Trivia: The reason cowboys like Wranglers better than Levi's is that the inseam is smooth inside the leg. Levi's have a half-inch wide flaps that will rub your inner thigh raw when you're riding a horse (or doing the Cotton Eyed Joe, evidently). Line Dance subculture insiders refer to Levi wearers at the club as Posers. Good surf shorts are designed the same way for the same reason. Don't ask me how I know.