Tuesday, September 8, 2009

goodbye summer

Well Labor Day has come and gone, and so marks the end of summer. Kind of. It's still hot and without checking a calendar I wouldn't necessarily know that anything has changed, but I am happy to pretend/accept that Fall is just around the corner. This summer has seemed far less summery than seasons passed... more oppressive/little fun. Maybe if my summers were more like they used to be, as illustrated in the above schedule from my youth, I would have something to miss. Now, I'm ready for cool breezes, getting under blankets, falling leaves, and the faint smell of a fire and smoke from someone's chimney. Hopefully nostalgia will not disappoint this go 'round.

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wpofd said...

That was filled with all kinds of childhood flashbacky goodness. Except, I'm not you and I lived in Katy, not San Marcos. Also, we didn't bowl. And our paper was yellow. And I did summer camp schtuff in Rockville, MD. But otherwise, we're living parallel lives.