Thursday, September 10, 2009

top doppleganger

God bless the internet for being better than it was this time last year. Being cable-less I am able to watch Top Chef online almost instantly. I now watch far less TV than I used to (which doesn't mean I have narrowed down my viewing to high quality shows) and have the added pleasure of the hunt, finding my favorites in weird random corners of the world wide web.

Top Chef has been one of my must watch shows since it began six years ago and this season, chef Bryan Voltaggio has caught my interest. This is not because of his cooking skills, but because I can not for the life of me look at him without thinking of Barry Tubb (oh, come on... BARRY... TUBB... wait, who?) from Top Gun. Why I remember that guy beats the heck out of me, but there IS a resemblance yeah? Yes, and don't tell me otherwise.

P.S. My vote for is for Kevin.

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