Tuesday, September 22, 2009

out of contex, out of this world

Photographer Adam Rubin has masterfully managed to create quite the curiosity with this series of photos. Can you guess what these fellas are doing? They clearly look like they are experiencing quite a moment. Is it based on fear, joy, surprise, worry? How about being in the midst of pulling up a ton of weight... clean and jerk I think is what it is called. So maybe some of those aforementioned feelings are accurate... just who knew there was a massive barbell involved.

P.S. I always thought it would be fun to do something similar which focused on a drummer's face. Outside of their apparatus their expressions are pretty comical. Such is the case with most musical instruments ("O face") but this band post in particular seems to elicit some especially funny faces.


Jess said...

You should definitely do a series of these photos with drummers! I always notice the faces they make. So funny!

House of Milk said...

this is hilarious. you should totally do the drummer face project... that would be incredibly funny! :)