Friday, June 18, 2010


I honestly still am not over my Baltimore high. My addiction to Boyghost's (or Michael Wriston) Flickr stream isn't helping. I discovered his work through another favorite (which I wrote about before), Patrick Joust.

Although Michael recently has transplanted to California he has left behind an amazing collection of photos that tell yet another story about a city with so much to say. I love his perspective and the timeless feel of some of his images. The one above I think is just perfect.

I feel like my visit to Baltimore was one of the first times I really experienced a foreign place (and I've been all over the world). Something about it left an impression like no other; it also introduced me to some artists that I believe share my sentiment and fortunately have had more time and greater skill to capture it. Now I can't wait to see what images await of California.

Be sure to click view larger when you look at his photos on Flickr. These smaller sizes don't do them justice.

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