Friday, June 4, 2010

the shaker project

Here's another thing I have resisted collecting but have come close to starting up... salt and pepper shakers. They're small, come in so many varieties, and are generally cheap; the temptation becomes that much greater. It's when I visualize my home overrun with yet another thing I don't need that I shake (no pun intended) off the urge. Thank goodness for a vivid imagination and also for The Shaker Project. I can live vicariously through them.

[ via Swiss Miss ]


Tracy said...

When I moved into my current apartment I needed salt and pepper shakers. It took me a few months of looking for me to find any I felt good about. Some really tacky thrift store had a bunch of plain, tapered cylindrical shakers with city names and logos printed on them. Most of them were missing their mates so I got the one that was an intact set: Reno, Nevada.

erin said...

sounds like a good find. as much as i fight the urge i think some shakers are in my future. there's this one shop in town that always has a bunch of strange vintage ones. they're so cheap it's hard not to give in.