Thursday, June 17, 2010

need to want less: youth

I don't obsess much over my looks but one area I can't ignore is my hair, at least the grey part. I got my first grey hair when I was in high school and I would venture to say at this point I'm probably about 45% grey. I have no idea, because my hair is always loaded up with some crappy box color. Every time my roots grow out I run for the dye before I can be shocked by the reality of my aging hair. Some people have said they like the salt and pepper look. And I do, just not on me. I don't know where this premature adieu to being a brunette comes from... not from my parents. Non-existent vitamin intake. Stress. Whatever the case I'm not ready to embrace the change. And no matter my financial situation denial is something I'm unfortunately willing to splurge on.

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Tracy said...

I can't relate to grey hair (I've never found one on my own head) but I have a similar problem: I'm blonde and dye my hair brown. I hate the panic that occurs when the roots start growing actually, I started letting the natural grow out and thankfully it's darker than it used to be. Maybe I'll stick to my biological color.