Friday, June 25, 2010

film friday: B-E-A-C-H


This week marked the beginning of summer, even though for many this means nothing... you're either already out of school or working like it's any other time of the year. Anyway I thought this would be the perfect time to remember a genre that was all about the season -- Beach Party movies. I can't say that I've seen most, if any, of these films, but I love the fun and sugary vibe they suggest. Makes me want to be there, living it up in a technicolor, problem-free sandy world with the Beach Boys playing non-stop. These movies may have been short on substance but when it's summer sometimes all that's called for is dancing with your friends and swimming your cares away.

I don't have any videos again, because yikes that's A LOT of movies so here's a song and a video instead. I was going to make a whole playlist, but, well time slipped away. P.S. You can watch Beach Party on Hulu.


SKH said...

Very cute. I think I've seen maybe one or two of these. I guess I flunked the 60s.

Merry said...

That would make a fantastic beach blanket.

erin said...