Thursday, June 3, 2010

peanut butter diary

Once upon a time I was maybe a tad bit broker than I am now. It was late summer of '08 and I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. I had this lame idea that I was going to keep a peanut butter diary... after my daily sandwich take a photo of the jar and jot down my thoughts. Yep, genius. So the project didn't last very long and I never did anything with the results. What a shame. Figured now was a good time to purge this silliness from the vaults of weird incomplete endeavors.



day 1

- today was full of annoyances. caught all the red lights in town. the hot felt hotter.

day 2

- well rested. pendulum of panic vs. calm. i am not as nice as i used to think i was. i pissed off the one person i can't afford to lose.

day 3

- the dark knight is even better the second time around. and i want more.

day 4

- house hunting is frustrating. so many almosts. casino royale wasn't as good as i thought it'd be.

day 5

- how many times can someone watch the dark knight in a week. well a lot i guess. imax is a pretty way to do it. i watched batman beginning again. not nearly as good. bought a book for a book club.

day 6

- today is the first day i really didn't feel like eating this. but i did eat a new flavor of doritos which is depressingly a highlight. maybe got a house. the process is stressful.


Konstantinos said...

Now I must stand up, go to kitchen, open the fridge and eat the whole thing. And the summer and the beaches ar sooooo near.

pork chop said...

ha! you are one random girl.

ryan said...

wow. when i read this at first, i thought, how could that continue to be interesting? i just imagined that i'd get bored trying to figure out new ways to take a picture of the bottle, but then i saw how you took pictures of only the top. this project is was super interesting, and the pictures are grand. it leaves me wanting more! i'm glad you decided to share.

Amy W said...

ha! awesome. i like the way you think :)

erin said...

ha, yeah i'm a bit random and a bit weird. i'm pretty sure my peanut butter years are not yet behind me, so who knows, maybe i'll do this again... and truly commit to the idea.