Thursday, June 25, 2009

feeling 90's

This weekend I went to my parent's house for Father's Day. During this excursion I decided that cleaning out my old bedroom closet was in order. I moved out over a decade ago and this is the only place that is still cluttered with my past. I sort of relished the opportunity to dig through some old things and see what treasures I could discover but I also wanted to allow my parents some extra space. Being a pack rat runs in the family and they need all the room they can get (sorry Mom and Dad, you know it's true).

For the most part I knew what I might find... dolls, old school work, left over clothes, and trinkets. What was a surprise, was happening upon a bunch of old magazines. I remember the act of saving them but figured they made there way to the trash at some point. Oh silly me, current me should know that past me would never let go of any sort of collecting. And it is with this that I realize that I am really an 80 year hoarder living in a decades younger body.

Strangely enough I am tickled to be the owner of a stash of Sassy, YM, Mademoiselle, Spin, Model, TV Guide (I have several early 80's as well), US, and People magazines, all from the late 80's to mostly early 90's. Why I saved them I'm not completely sure. There are a few funny "Best Of The Year" issues and semi-newsworthy examples (1990 Time with Dan Quayle on the cover). I have never felt especially nostalgic about the 90's for whatever reason... until now. So with that I give you a special 90's music mix which you can download (hopefully... maybe... it's large). It consists of mostly early 90's stuff, and it's a bit of a grab bag, but they're some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy. And keep an eye out for some more silly scans from my pointless mess of magazines.

Click here to download mix. Titles are listed below.

1. Ren & Stimpy -- I'm Gonna Be a Monkey
2. Pixies -- Head On
3. Teenage Fanclub -- Alcoholiday
4. Right Said Fred -- I'm Too Sexy
5. My Bloody Valentine -- Soon
6. Black Sheep -- Strobelite Honey
7. Depeche Mode -- Enjoy the Silence
8. Tribe Called Quest -- Excursions
9. Liz Phair -- Flower
10. Nirvana -- Milk It
11. Superchunk -- My Noise
12. The Rentals -- My Summer Girl
13. Afghan Whigs -- Debonair
14. Man or Astroman -- Evil Plans of Planet Spectra
15. Magnapop -- Lay it Down
16. Codeine -- Broken Hearted Wine
17. Butthole Surfers -- The Wooden Song
18. Melvins -- Hooch
19. Hole -- Violet
20. Jane's Addiction -- Stop!


Jill said...

I'm kind of obsessed with the 90s, for whatever reason...maybe we're always attached to the decade where we "came of age." This is funny because I just made a 90s mix myself for a CD Swap I organize at my office. I also chose selections from Hole, My Bloody Valentine, and Liz Phair for my mix--we have good taste. :)

erin said...

yeah, you are probably right. i always thought i had more warm and fuzzy feelings about the 80's but i think with some distance the 90's are not looking so bad now.

we DO have good taste.

i'm going to go watch some Parker Lewis Can't Lose now.

Elizabeth said...

I bet you could sell those Sassy's on eBay for some decent $$.

From time to time I wonder how Kurt Cobain's music would have progressed had he not killed himself. *sigh*

erin said...

you think? i have several from 89/90 to 92. i could use the cash and i really don't need to hold on to them (well, maybe i'll keep ONE). i should give it a shot.

you are right about cobain. i'm sure he would have done a lot more.