Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I went tubing (toobing?) this weekend and I look like this now. Ok, not really, but I seem to be sunscreen challenged as I always end up with random bands of burn. This time I have a cool stripe down my arm, burned knees, and a spotty thigh.

The above image is actually by designer Janine Rewell. For this project she combined the wonderful world of tanning beds and body decals.

[ Janine Rewell via How Magazine Blog ]


Elizabeth said...

This is kind of creepy.

I am v. jealous of your tubing. That is something I haven't done in several years and am dying to do it again.

erin said...

yeah i hadn't been tubing in forever. it was pretty crowded and the water was a little low but it was still worth it. so much fun.