Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lazy texas and the atlantic food douche

I don't typically waste my breath spewing grouchiness about some random dude's opinions but I guess every now again I can break my rule. The Austinist posted an article directing attention to a recent story on The Atlantic which discussed the writer's viewpoints on Austin's sidewalk vendors vs. restaurants, specifically (I guess) in terms of being employed with immigrants and not regulated by the health department. I'm sure his one visit to one vendor made him an expert. Anyway what really got me riled up, aside from his confusing and in my view unfocused ramblings was the statement below (click on it to enlarge if you can't read it).
I can get behind freedom of speech but... A) You're a jerk B) Tell me again, what was the point of this article. C) It was definitely not to say anything educated but if it was to sound like a pretentious blowhard, done and done. Ok, I'm better now. Forgive the mini-tirade.


Emily said...

Just the matter of lumping together Austin residents with the rest of the state demonstrates that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

tlsintx said...

what a clever dick. if you come to Austin and can't find something good, you're just not trying.

keep up the tirades!