Friday, June 26, 2009

weekly prescription

Let me preface this by saying I had intended to start a weekly feature prescribing a few things to do with your week... a helpful recovery nudge if you will. I'm still going to do it, but in light of Michael Jackson's death I figured I'd change up my list and offer an all-MJ offering. Once I got started I was surprised to find how hard it is to narrow down, but hopefully this will do.

I'll say it again for good measure -- Michael Jackson was mysterious to put it most vaguely, but dang if the guy wasn't full of talent and churned out a bunch of genius in his prime.

Read -- [ ]
Watch -- [ YouTube Midnight Special ]
Listen -- [ Off the Wall MP3 FREE DOWNLOAD ]
Do -- [ Dance Moves & YouTube Pepsi commercial ]
Austin Event -- [ Alamo Drafthouse ]

BONUS: Just because I STILL adore this song. It's fun, ridiculous, and gets me out of a funk (and it's very golden and satiny and that is never bad).


Elizabeth said...

Is there really going to be a MJ sing-a-long at the Alamo? That would be awesome. We're listening to MJ's greatest hits at work today. There has already been some singing.

erin said...

yeah, unfortunately I'm pretty sure it's already sold out. but listening to it at work is good to. I'm hoping to get my dance on tonight.